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Uniting Sub-Brands with a Timeless Symbol

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Türkiye İş Bankası

Our Approach

With respect for Türkiye İş Bankası 's timeless "İş" symbol, we have created a new brand architecture system for the sub-brands of Turkey's first national bank and given them a solid and conscious identity.

The Challenge

The challenge of the Brand Architecture Project was to unify all of Türkiye İş Bankası 's brands under a consistent group brand identity, using the "İş" symbol as the central element. The primary issue with the bank's brand architecture was that the sub-brands had distinct identities and did not effectively communicate their connection to the main brand, leading to confusion among customers and undermining the overall strength and reputation of Türkiye İş Bankası.

The Clarification

Our team carried out a thorough analysis of the existing brand identities of the main brand and all sub-brands, and based on this analysis, we created a new group brand identity that featured the "İş" symbol as the central element and provided clear guidelines for its use across all brands. This new group brand identity was then applied to all sub-brands, including updates to visual elements such as logos, color schemes, and typography. To ensure the consistent application of the new group brand identity, we also developed brand guidelines.

The Results

The new group brand architecture, which featured the "İş" symbol as the central element, effectively united all of Türkiye İş Bankası 's brands and provided a clear and consistent visual representation of the bank's overall brand. This helped to eliminate confusion among customers and strengthened the overall reputation and strength of Türkiye İş Bankası. The implementation of the new group brand identity was a success and received positive feedback from both internal stakeholders and customers.

One Icon for All Sub-Brands
İş GYO Logotype
İş Yatırım Logotype
İş Leasing Logotype
İş Portföy Logotype
İş Faktoring Logotype
İş Girişim Sermayesi Logotype

Sub-Brand is a highly reputable real estate investment company (REIC) with a strong portfolio and financial foundation, making it a top player in the real estate industry.

İş GYO Logotypeİş GYO Brand Guidelinesİş GYO Brand Guidelinesİş GYO Stationery
İş Yatırım

Sub-Brand offers a diverse range of financial services to investors, including corporate finance, investment advisory, asset management, institutional sales, market making, and liquidity provision.

İş Yatırım Logotypeİş Yatırım Brand Guidelinesİş Yatırım Brand Guidelinesİş Yatırım Stationery
İş Leasing

Sub-Brand offers the ability to finance your investments at optimal cost.

İş Leasing Logotypeİş Leasing Brand Guidelinesİş Leasing Brand Guidelinesİş Leasing Stationery
İş Portföy

Sub-Brand offers proficient asset management and sustainable returns through innovative products.

İş Portföy Logotypeİş Portföy Brand Guidelinesİş Portföy Brand Guidelinesİş Portföy Stationery
İş Faktoring

Sub-Brand provides swift and competitive services in financing, guarantees, and collection.

İş Faktoring Logotypeİş Faktoring Brand Guidelinesİş Faktoring Brand Guidelinesİş Faktoring Stationery
İş Girişim Sermayesi

Sub-Brand is known as the "smart money" that adds value by investing in medium-sized enterprises in their expansion stage that operate in markets with high growth potential.

İş Girişim Sermayesi Logotypeİş Girişim Sermayesi Brand Guidelinesİş Girişim Sermayesi Brand Guidelinesİş Girişim Sermayesi Stationery
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