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Creating a Unique Currency for Investment

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Gedik Yatırım

Our Approach

We developed a new brand identity featuring a unique currency symbol and an effective brand system. We also implemented a new brand architecture that united all sub-brands under the main brand to create a cohesive and consistent image. This systematic approach helped foster a strong, unified brand presence, enhancing customer recognition.

The Challenge

As a leading investment banking and brokerage firm in Turkey, Gedik Yatırım has a wide range of services for investors in various markets, including equity, bonds, derivatives, and more. However, the company's current brand identity and architecture system were not effectively communicating its brand and values to customers, and stakeholders, leading to confusion and a lack of consistency.

The Clarification

To solve this issue, we developed a new brand identity for Gedik Yatırım, including a unique currency symbol that represents the company's strength and stability. We also created a responsive brand identity system that includes print materials, digital media, physical storefronts, and branded environments. By uniting all sub-brands under the Gedik Yatırım’s new currency symbol and implementing a new brand architecture, we were able to create a cohesive and unified brand image.

The Results

The results of these initiatives have been exceptionally positive. Gedik Yatırım now has a strong and cohesive brand identity that accurately reflects the company's power and success. The new brand identity and architecture system is consistent across all branches, and the sub-brands are united and harmonious with the main brand. This has improved the company's brand recognition and reputation, contributing to its continued growth and success.

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