Reigniting Growth in Turkish Capital Markets

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TSPB - Türkiye Sermaye Piyasaları Birliği

Our Approach

We developed a brand identity for Turkish Capital Markets Association that positioned them as a respected and trusted leader in the industry and included a new logotype featuring a moving line symbolizing the continuous growth of the Turkish capital markets.

The Challenge

Turkish Capital Markets Association (TSPB) sought to revitalize their brand image in order to more accurately embody their vision of fostering a community of highly skilled professionals who are fervently committed to ethical principles and see competition as a means to provide superior products and services. The old brand identity did not accurately convey this vision, and TSPB desired to craft a new, effective brand identity that would more effectively represent the capital markets.

The Clarification

We proposed a rebranding and brand identity project and conducted extensive research to understand TSPB's target audience, competitors, and market positioning, as well as the values and goals of the organization. Based on this research, we developed a brand strategy that focused on positioning TSPB as a respected and trusted leader in the industry. We then created a new logotype for TSPB that featured a moving line to symbolize the continuous growth of the Turkish capital markets, as well as a comprehensive brand identity that included print materials such as stationery, financial reports, presentations, and all marketing materials.

The Results

The rebranding and brand identity project had a significant impact on TSPB's business. The new brand image helped position TSPB as a respected and trusted leader in the capital markets industry, which increased the organization's credibility and visibility. Overall, the results of the project were very positive and helped TSPB more effectively achieve its goals of contributing to the development of the national economy and the capital markets.

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