Türkiye Tasarım Vakfı

Beyond Borders within the Golden Ratio

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Türkiye Tasarım Vakfı Logotype

Our Approach

We have developed a brand identity that reflects the council's Turkish roots, forward-thinking approach to design, and commitment to excellence. We believe that this brand identity effectively conveys the council's values and will serve as a memorable and cohesive representation.

The Challenge

As a leading design council in Turkey, Türkiye Tasarım Vakfı aims to support the country's social and economic growth through design-focused initiatives. This includes promoting emerging designers and fostering the production of high-quality design work. However, the council faced the challenge of creating a new brand identity that accurately reflects its Turkish roots, while also being versatile and relevant to all design sectors. Furthermore, the council needs the brand identity to reflect excellence and creativity.

The Clarification

To address these challenges, our team set out to create a brand identity that would accurately reflect the council's Turkish roots, while also being versatile and responsive to all design areas. We created a brand identity using the colors of the Turkish flag to reflect the council's roots. The typography in the logotype was designed to be unconventional, reflecting the council's expanding limits through design. Additionally, the entire shape of the logotype was designed to fit the Golden Ratio Square, representing the council's focus on perfection in design.

The Results

The efforts to create a new brand identity for Türkiye Tasarım Vakfı were met with overwhelming success among both council members and the design industry. The New Brand Identity effectively connected the council to its Turkish heritage, while the distinctive typeface and golden ratio square shape conveyed a sense of innovation. Overall, the new brand identity has reinforced the council's reputation as a leader in the design industry and has contributed to its ongoing efforts to support emerging designers and high-quality design work in Turkey.

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