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Our Approach

We implemented the new brand identity across all relevant channels and touch-points, providing ongoing support and guidance to ensure that it was consistently and effectively communicated throughout the process.

The Challenge

IGA, a Turkish company responsible for the construction and operation of Istanbul Airport, confronted the challenge of developing a robust brand identity that would reflect Istanbul's authentic roots and be visible on a global scale. With the increasing competition in the aviation industry, it was crucial for Istanbul Airport to differentiate itself and establish a clear and cohesive brand identity that would appeal to both local and international audiences.

The Clarification

To address the challenge of developing a strong brand identity for Istanbul Airport, we proposed a stringent brand identity system centered around the current logotype and compiled a comprehensive set of brand guidelines. This included the creation of a custom brand pattern, and branded materials for both print and digital platforms. In addition to these elements, we also offered support for brand communication, including the execution of marketing campaigns and other initiatives.

The Results

The results of our solution were significant in terms of Istanbul Airport's business and overall branding. We observed increased brand awareness, customer satisfaction, and engagement with marketing campaigns, which all contributed to the company's success in establishing a strong and cohesive brand identity that effectively conveyed the unique character of Istanbul City and the airport.

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