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Our Approach

We diligently focused on creating a distinct and memorable brand identity that would resonate across all brand touch-points. This comprehensive approach ranged from printed materials to digital media outlets, and extended even to the design and experience of physical storefronts and meticulously curated branded environments, ensuring a consistent, high-quality interaction with the brand at every level.

The Challenge

Rubeus Milano is a new player in the highly competitive luxury fashion market. While the brand produces a range of high-quality and luxurious products, including bags, accessories, shoes, clothing, fine and high jewellery, and perfumes, it faces a number of challenges in standing out amongst the established luxury brands.

The Clarification

In order to elevate Rubeus Milano to the next level and establish it as a leading player in the luxury fashion industry, we implemented a luxury branding approach that focused on creating a unique and memorable brand identity. This included the development of a bespoke typeface and visual language, as well as a flexible design system that could be applied consistently across all brand touch-points, from print materials and digital media to physical storefronts and branded environments.

The Results

With the cohesive branding strategy, Rubeus Milano has been able to differentiate itself from competitors and effectively communicate its luxury positioning to consumers. As a result, the brand has experienced a surge in sales and customer loyalty, and has gained a reputation as a top choice for discerning fashion enthusiasts. With a strong and memorable brand identity, Rubeus Milano is well-equipped to continue its success and growth in the highly competitive luxury fashion market.

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