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Our Approach

We crafted a new logo and brand identity system, improved the customer experience through a redesigned website and social media presence, and effectively conveyed the company's pioneering and sustainable ethos to its audience.

The Challenge

For over two decades, Ideakim has been a preeminent force in the polyurethane industry, providing innovative and environmentally sound solutions to a range of sectors including construction, defense, decor, footwear, furniture, and insulation. However, its dated brand identity fails to accurately represent the company's international standing, hindering its ability to draw in new clients and partners. Furthermore, the current identity system is unsuitable for use on print and digital materials, restricting the company's capacity to effectively communicate with its audience through these channels.

The Clarification

We formulated a new brand strategy for Ideakim centered on the message of "Innovation Beyond Chemistry." Our team designed a new logo that embodies the company's innovative and sustainable character, featuring hexagons and the letter 'i' as symbols of innovation. We also created a complete brand identity system encompassing print materials, digital media, and physical storefronts. We constructed a smooth and well-designed website to improve the customer experience and established a social media presence to sustainably convey the brand.

The Results

Through these endeavors, Ideakim has been able to revitalize its brand identity and more accurately depict its image on a global scale. The new brand identity system is suitable for use on print and digital materials, allowing the company to communicate effectively with its audience through these channels. The new website and social media presence have also assisted the company in enhancing its customer experience and distinctly articulating its value proposition. In total, our branding efforts have helped Ideakim distinguish itself from competitors and fortify its position in the polyurethane industry.

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