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Our Approach

To enhance brand recognition and awareness, we developed a new brand strategy and identity with the message "Innovative Solution Leader" at the forefront.

The Challenge

ADH Holding, a firm that operates in the construction, tourism, real estate, and translation management sectors, recently underwent a restructuring and required a revamp of its brand strategy and identity to reflect the changes. The challenge was to devise a new brand strategy and identity that would accurately reflect the company's new structure and position it for success in a rapidly changing market.

The Clarification

To better understand the needs and preferences of our target audience, our strategy team conducted market research, which we then used to shape our brand strategy and messaging. We devised a new brand strategy and identity centered on the message "Innovative Solution Leader," featuring a redesigned logotype for ADH Holding that prominently showcases the acronym "ADH," which is also employed as an anchor for sub-brands. Our digital team also created a new website for ADH Holding with the aim of improving the user experience, and created a comprehensive brand identity comprising a range of printed and digital materials.

The Results

The revamped brand strategy and identity for ADH Holding had a notable impact on the company's operations. The refreshed visual identity effectively conveyed the company's message and positioning, resulting in increased brand recognition and awareness. The new website offered a user-friendly and engaging experience for visitors, leading to an increase in traffic and conversions. In total, the new brand strategy and identity project aided ADH Holding in navigating the changing dynamics of the sector and positioning itself for continued success.

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