A Unique Identity with a Bespoke Typeface

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Luxury Branding

Our Approach

We aimed to fully establish and differentiate Niss within the luxury segment, ensuring that all touch-points with the brand were aligned with the desired image and effectively communicated the brand's message to its target audience.

The Challenge

Niss a Canadian luxury ready-to-wear brand based in Istanbul, faced a challenge. The brand sought to improve its brand image in order to appeal to the luxury branding segment. As a brand known for creating stylish and sophisticated pieces with a modern, free-spirited aesthetic, Nis wanted to elevate its image to better align with its target market of confident women.

The Clarification

We suggested a comprehensive luxury brand identity. This included designing a unique logotype that would distinguish Niss from other luxury brands, as well as developing a bespoke typeface that would further elevate the brand's image. In addition to these visual elements, we also created a detailed brand identity guide to ensure that all print and digital materials were consistently aligned with the new luxury brand image.

The Results

The rebranding efforts were highly successful, resulting in a significantly elevated and more cohesive brand image for Niss. The new logotype and typeface added a level of sophistication and luxury to the brand, and the brand identity guide ensured that all materials were consistently aligned with this new image. Overall, the rebranding efforts successfully helped Nisse achieve their goal of upgrading their brand identity to the luxury segment, allowing them to better connect with their target market of modern, confident women.

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