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Our Approach

We created a unique brand name, brand strategy, visual identity, and social media strategy for Lavanticca, an antique store on Instagram, in order to differentiate it in a crowded market and increase brand recognition, customer engagement, and sales.

The Challenge

Lavanticca, an antique shop offering a diverse selection of antique items on Instagram, struggled to differentiate itself in the crowded and competitive Instagram marketplace. The store sought a brand name, brand strategy, brand identity, and social media strategy that would attract new customers and boost sales. With numerous antique stores vying for attention on the platform, it was essential for Lavanticca to differentiate themselves and establish a reputation as a reputable and respected brand.

The Clarification

To stand out in the crowded and competitive Instagram antique marketplace, we crafted a unique brand name by combining the Turkish term "Lavanta" (meaning "Lavender") with the Italian word "Antica" (meaning "Antique"). We then developed a long-term brand strategy for Lavanticca, with the brand message "The Queen of Antique Goods" to position the store as a leader in the antique market. The store's logo, designed in the color purple and featuring a queen with a lavender crown symbolizing the brand's message, along with a bespoke typeface used consistently in all of the store's posts and stories, helped create a memorable visual identity. Finally, we developed a social media strategy for Lavanticca, focusing on sharing high-quality product photos, interacting with followers, and leveraging Instagram's features like stories and shopping tags.

The Results

The measures we implemented had a significant impact on Lavanticca's business, resulting in increased brand recognition, enhanced customer engagement. The distinctive brand name, visual identity, and social media strategy helped Lavanticca differentiate itself on Instagram and attract new followers. By consistently posting high-quality content and interacting with followers, we were able to cultivate a community of loyal customers for the store. The mix of these factors resulted in a significant increase in sales for Lavanticca.

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