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Our Approach

By implementing a comprehensive long-term brand strategy, we were able to develop a new brand identity, provide UI/UX services, and establish effective brand communication efforts that effectively conveyed Kidokit's value proposition to our target audience.

The Challenge

Kidokit is a startup that offers a child development and parent support platform through a mobile app. In order to effectively convey its brand message and value proposition to its target audience, Kidokit required a comprehensive brand identity overhaul. Without a robust brand identity, it would be challenging for Kidokit to stand out in a crowded market and gain the trust of potential users. Furthermore, the mobile app needed a user-friendly interface to provide a smooth experience for parents seeking information about their child's development.

The Clarification

To begin, we conducted market analysis to gain an understanding of the needs and preferences of Kidokit's target audience. Based on this research, our strategy team created a long-term brand strategy that included a new brand identity and messaging that effectively conveyed Kidokit's value proposition. Our design team also redesigned the mobile app's interface to be more user-friendly and intuitive, making it simpler for parents to access the information they needed. Additionally, we provided brand communication services to ensure that all marketing materials were consistent with the new brand identity and messaging.

The Results

Our solution had a considerable impact on Kidokit's business. The new brand identity helped establish Kidokit as a trusted and reliable source of information for parents of young children. The redesigned mobile app was well received by users, leading to increased user engagement and retention. Overall, our solution helped to position Kidokit as a leading player in the child development and parent support industry.

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