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Our Approach

With the aim of attracting investors, we proposed a comprehensive branding strategy that encompassed the creation of a brand identity, brand guidelines, and the development of a user interface and user experience for the website and mobile app.

The Challenge

BiStock, a startup in need of a comprehensive branding solution, approached us for assistance in creating a brand identity for their web and mobile-based investor communication platform. The platform enables publicly traded companies to manage their company pages, generate content, and keep their investors informed. Our task included devising brand guidelines and designing a user interface and user experience for the website and mobile app from the ground up.

The Clarification

We proposed a comprehensive branding solution for BiStock. Our approach began with the creation of a logotype featuring the letter "B" as the central element, around which we built a cohesive brand identity. We then formulated brand guidelines to ensure consistency in all of BiStock's branding endeavors. Our design and digital team subsequently developed a user interface and user experience system for the website and mobile app, utilizing the brand guidelines as a foundation.

The Results

The comprehensive branding solution we implemented had a significant impact on BiStock's business, empowering them to cultivate a robust and cohesive brand identity that resonated with their targeted investors. By crafting a visually appealing and user-friendly website, we aided BiStock in attracting and retaining a greater number of users. The BiStock mobile app is not yet ready and is slated for an April launch.

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