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Our Approach

We conducted a comprehensive assessment of the current brand identity and suggested a new website design that would better serve the needs of the target audience. This rejuvenated digital platform successfully enhanced user engagement and satisfaction, subsequently driving increased web traffic and conversions.

The Challenge

Boğaziçi Mensucat, the proprietor of the Cerotex brand, required a fresh website for their upholstery fabric company. The brand aimed to enhance the user experience and more effectively convey their brand vision in the global market. Furthermore, the previous website was not mobile-friendly and did not accurately reflect the brand's values and offerings. We successfully developed a responsive, intuitive website that encapsulated the brand's essence and extended its reach, catering to the growing segment of mobile users and improving the overall customer journey.

The Clarification

We carried out a thorough analysis of the current brand identity and proposed a new website design that would more effectively meet the needs of the target audience. Our digital team implemented the new website using the latest web design technologies and techniques to ensure an enjoyable user experience. Key steps in the process included gathering requirements, designing wireframes and prototypes, and testing and refining the design.

The Results

The new website has had a significant impact on Cerotex's business. We evaluated the effectiveness of the solution using metrics such as website traffic, user engagement, and conversion rates. The website has experienced a marked increase in traffic and a higher level of engagement from users, leading to a boost in online sales and a stronger online presence for the brand. In sum, the new website has enabled Cerotex to better connect with their target audience and showcase their brand in the global market.

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