A Smart House of Construction Materials

Brand Naming
Brand Identity
Brand Guidelines

Our Approach

We crafted a brand name, brand identity, and brand guidelines to establish a consistent appearance and feel for the Hausmart brand to differentiate them from their competitors. These integrated branding efforts provided Hausmart with a unique market position, fostering enhanced customer recognition and promoting strong brand loyalty.

The Challenge

Hausmart, an online construction material store, required a new brand name and brand identity to appeal to and attract new customers in the construction sector. The company desired a fresh, modern, and professional appearance that would differentiate them from their rivals. Our team crafted a compelling, forward-looking identity for Hausmart, successfully distinguishing it in the market and creating an attractive brand persona for potential customers.

The Clarification

Our team proposed the brand name "Hausmart," which fuses the German word for "house" (Haus) with the English words "smart" and "mart" to create a name that is both distinct and memorable. We then created a logotype that combines the letter "H" with a stylized house shape, utilizing black and yellow colors to signify the construction industry. After the logotype process, we developed brand identity and brand guidelines to establish a consistent appearance and feel for the Hausmart brand.

The Results

The new brand identity was warmly received by Hausmart's target audience, resulting in a significant increase in website traffic and sales. We evaluated the effectiveness of the solution using metrics such as website traffic, customer engagement, and overall sales revenue. In sum, the new brand identity helped Hausmart to distinguish itself in a crowded market and attract a larger customer base.

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