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Personal Branding for a Natural Therapist

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Dr. Derya Alp

Our Approach

We formulated a comprehensive personal branding solution for Dr. Derya Alp to effectively express her focus on traditional and natural medicine.

The Challenge

Dr. Derya Alp is an anesthesiology and resuscitation expert who incorporates both traditional and alternative medicine in her work. However, she struggled to stand out in a crowded field and needed a personal branding strategy to distinguish herself from her peers. To effectively convey her emphasis on traditional and natural medicine, Dr. Derya Alp required a visual identity that reflected this aspect of her practice.

The Clarification

We presented a complete personal branding solution for Dr. Derya Alp. Firstly, we designed a new logo featuring the letter 'D' as the central element, complemented by a green leaf symbolizing traditional and natural medicine. This logo was then used to create a set of brand guidelines covering both print and digital materials. By carefully creating a visual identity that reflected the values and focus of Dr. Derya Alp's practice, we were able to distinguish her from her competitors and establish her as a renowned specialist in her field.

The Results

The personal branding solution we implemented for Dr. Derya Alp had a considerable impact on her business. The new logo and brand guidelines enabled her to establish a powerful visual identity that effectively communicated her emphasis on traditional and natural medicine. In summary, the personal branding strategy we developed for Dr. Derya Alp helped her effectively differentiate herself from her competitors and position herself as a renowned expert in her field.

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