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Our Approach

We created a brand strategy for Design Floor to reflect their sustainable vision, including a cohesive brand identity and user-friendly website, in order to attract environmentally-conscious consumers. This strategic rebranding resulted in heightened market recognition and effectively positioned Design Floor as a frontrunner in the sustainable flooring industry.

The Challenge

Design Floor, a flooring company that is committed to sustainability and environmental protection, recognized that their previous brand identity did not accurately convey these values to a global audience. They decided to revamp their branding to better align with their sustainable vision and appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers. Our rebranding strategy successfully brought Design Floor's commitment to sustainability to the forefront, fostering a stronger connection with like-minded consumers and differentiating the brand in the competitive flooring industry.

The Clarification

To accomplish this, we proposed a comprehensive rebranding of Design Floor. This included creating a new logo that incorporated the company's initials, "DF," and flooring imagery, as well as using the color green to symbolize their dedication to sustainability. We also developed a cohesive brand identity that encompassed print materials, digital assets, and branded environments, and designed an e-commerce website with a unique and user-friendly design to enhance the customer experience.

The Results

The rebranding efforts were successful in accurately reflecting Design Floor's commitment to sustainability and nature, which attracted environmentally-conscious customers. The redesigned e-commerce website also improved the customer experience, leading to an increase in online sales. Overall, the rebranding project had a positive impact on Design Floor's business and established the company as a leader in sustainable flooring solutions.

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